What will happen if this person gets charged with identity theft?

Someone I know in real life took my full name, street address, and email and signed up for a plethora of magazines, newsletters, subscriptions, and sites. Police told me it was identity theft and I am waiting for the police officer to contact me tomorrow – what all can happen to this person? This person […]


My wallet was stolen! What can I do about identity theft?

My wallet was stolen with my social security card in it and I’m afraid that they’re gonna apply for a credit card (or maybe more). What can I do to help prevent this?? My license didn’t have my street address on it, would that slow them down any?


T J Maxx security breach?

Somebody got my debit card numbers & street address and I am trying to figure out how. They charged 5 small items and had them mailed to me. According to the companies they charged from, they didn’t get my bank account number, phone number or email address. The debit card is frozen and I got […]

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