Questions about Army CID investigations?

I posted this yesterday but didn’t get the response I was hoping for… My sister-in-law is going through a bitter divorce. Her husband is my brother (Active Duty Army); he continues to try and press charges against her for issues that she thought were being handled in civil divorce court. She received one call from […]


Social Insurance Fraud (credit card, student loan in my name)?

I was curious to see what my credit report was since I am trying to build credit. Turns out someone has been using my social insurance number and got a Esso (gas bar) credit card in my name in 2006 and a student loan in 2008 as well. I use to work at Esso in […]


If Medicare and SS are running out in the somewhat near future, then why?

does the government allow student loan "interest" to be taken out of peoples benefit checks? and do that for years on end? We and our employers deposited money into the Medicare and SS fund when we were employed (for the specific purpose of Medicare and SS) so why should that money go to pay interest […]

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