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Wouldn't you agree that fraud is the main reason the economy is in the shape that it is in?

How stable is any economy when you add fraud into the equation? Have you ever wondered about how many trillions of dollars are unaccounted for? I really liked how John McCain made corporate fraud an issue that he would work on very hard if he became president. That only helped with my decision to vote […]


I'm suing the US government?

After reading the story about the money smuggled from Iraq back to the states… I want to sue the US gov for misuse, mismanagement of my tax dollars. I want to know, since I am taxed on everything, where my money is going I WANT A RECEIPT. Unless my money is going for things that […]


Michelle Bachmann Used to be a IRS Tax Govt. Lawyer. Family has Received Millions in Govt Subsides.?

First of all , I believe Bachmann’s husband is a christian extremist fool . Our Tax Dollars going to Support his " Pray the Gay away " Sessions Which a new private undercover gay group used a medicare option on therapy sessions on " Praying the gay out them" . This is exactly the reason […]


Does any of this count as welfare fraud?

This is more of a vent but as the question line says…. Ok, I have a friend who is, in my opinion, taking such advantage of the welfare system in her state that I am ready to report her. For starters, she’s a single mother who is pregnant with her fourth child and she gets […]


Do you really expect change or just to return the troops home and more of the same old unresolved problems.?

It is my feeling the the governments not listening to the people anymore, we will get the same old spending on special intrest projects and not where it is needed .That inflation will continue to rise ahead of wages and that healthcare will remain on the burner with no progress towards a solution . The […]


If it was none of your business, would you file a fraud report anyway?

Situation – "Sara" claims her 2 children every year on taxes. But her children don’t live with her, they live with her ex "Steve" (never married, no court papers). Steve has the kids 100% of the time, yet Sara claims them on her taxes. Why? She’s a bit*h and walks all over him. The problem […]


How do I report my inlaws for committing food stamp fraud without destroying the family and should I do it?

I am in a terrible situation. My in-laws are committing food stamp fraud. They both work for cash under the table along with some minimal W-2 jobs (just so they have proper paperwork for the IRS) and receive food stamps but do not report their cash income to the State or the Fed. They make […]


Is the military upset the Democrat Party refuses to send absentee ballots to military personnel?

The State of Illinois has a Democrat Governor, Democrat controlled House, Democrat controlled Senate, Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Democrat controlled board in a Democrat controlled County. My state has a very, very long proven history of voter fraud and intimidation by the Democrat Party. It’s been proven over and over again that Republican Richard Nixon […]


Is it true that white collar criminals get treated worse than rapist and child molesters?

White collar criminals as in those who specialize in fraud, robbing the country of millions of tax-dollars, etc. They are basically seen as the man who ran the system by the inmates and thus as revenge for locking them up. A friend in my statistics class told me, does it hold any truth? As I […]


Shouldn't the Federal Reserve raise interest rates?

The costs of living are rising? So shouldn’t the fed raise rates to slow things down? I think subprime threw them a curve ball! But I think they should crack down on fraud and mismanagement, jail a few major investors and change investment rules so that the volatility in the markets will erase itself. After […]


child welfare fraud an drug addict parents,?

how would u stop the fraud in welfare as in — for instance most people getting welfare and link card use this card as a way to get money they sellin half or all of the procedes an use the money to by drugs an not worying about thier own kids theyd would rather buy […]


Can the assets of the entire Bush family be audited for potential theft of tax dollars?

…and wrong doing- or fraud -connected to the Saudi’s in oil schemes that cost the average American citizen their tax dollars -or their livelihood… …why are you pathetic craig?Think deeper-or pay dearly…damn ur naive…or dumb.Probably both…


How is Obama going to handle the firings of the ACORN workers to establish a child brothel in Baltimore?

"The community organizing group ACORN has fired two employees at its Baltimore office who were seen on hidden-camera video giving advice to a man posing as a pimp and a woman pretending to be a prostitute, as some legal experts raise questions over whether the employees broke the law." "The staffers appeared to commit federal […]


Do you think America will get as bad off as say:Iraq,Iran,Mexico,Etc.?

Our govt spends more money on foreign interests and helping illegal immigrants and supporting big business against the wishes of the American citizens and with our tax dollars. How can this continue once we are all out of work. Not to mention victimizing us with all other corruption and scams we sometimes hear about in […]


What’s the best way to turn someone in for tax fraud?

I know someone that’s claims his grandkids to get earned income.Been doing it for about 8 years and still counting and has never been caught.That stuff makes me sick because I’m trying to keep my family fed and they are ripping off our tax dollars.No the kids don’t live with him he just uses them […]


Illegal immigration and welfare fraud..Is this “Corporate Americas” way of blaming problems on the poor?

seems like the same old lie repackaged….You people are struggling because of the drain on you by the poor…yeah right it couldn’t be taxing the poor and giving to the rich could it? Example oil companies record the highest profits in history then recieve corporate welfare. The poor are taxed depending on your definition of […]

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