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Bank Legal Issues, Monitoring Activity, Income Tax, Etc.?

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I play poker regularly at casinos and make a profit doing so. Right now, I keep my cash in my room at home but I’m concerned with security. I just began playing at the casino since I turned 21 not too long ago, so I only […]


How long does it take the Irs to investigate tax fraud after filing a report?

I recently filed a report against my ex fiance, because he had been claiming his sister’s friend’s son for years as his nephew. However he is in no way related to the child, and the child has never lived with him. After collecting Earned income credit he would give a portion to his sister;s friend. […]


Tax Fraud! Help!?

I need answers from a professional. I am married but we have been seperated since October 2007. My lawyer and his lawyer have an agreement that My husband may claim our son on taxes as a dependent, but that he may not claim me as a dependent or file jointly with me, due to him […]


How can I resolve negative items on my credit report that are a result of identity theft?

I used to live in state A, and someone in state B (a state I’ve never even visited) used my SSN to establish a telephone account then proceeded to run up a 00 debt. It went unpaid and was sent of to at least 4 different collections agencies. Each credit reporting bureau is reporting some […]


how well does the US Embassy protect against identity theft?

when sponsoring an immigrant,,and all your vital importnat information is revealed to a 3rd world us what length do they go to, to protect your identity from theft.I know all about the rules of the sponsor..and their duties.. i am curious as to what about all that information,,bank statements,social security #,,tax secure is […]


Is this telemarketing company a fraud??

I work for a company called grand discovery, it is a travel company. I am actually a telemarketer for them, working in a seperate building. they do not take taxes out of our paychecks, and gave us w-9 tax forms to fill out when i started. a major issue also is they get massive amounts […]

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