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Can I get in trouble for my company's possible tax fraud?

Here’s the deal. I got hired as a tax preparer for a CPA. I’ve never done people’s taxes and they’re just showing me the basics. Sometimes, they hand me a return that is pretty much finished except one or two things that I add. In the end, I need to initial as tax preparer. If […]


what happens when 2 people claim the same child on income taxes?

my ex husband and divorced in 1997. I have claimed my son every year on taxes with no problem. I went and had my efile return done several weeks ago. the next day, my tax preparer called and said someone was claimed on taxes,so I had mail(paper) my tax return and wait for a letter […]


If a man admitted using a fake name & Social Security number to the tax preparer is this not a crime?

From the man to the tax preparer and why is the ACUL filing a lawsuit because of this ?After authorities investigated thousands of tax files for bogus Social Security numbers used by illegals to steal refunds, the ACLU responded with a class-action lawsuit – but now a Colorado district attorney is fighting back. The Weld […]


Non custodial parent trying to file taxes on child?

My ex is behind in child support. He has seen the child a total of 33 days in 2007 and is wanting to claim our child on his 2007 taxes. He is not on the birth certificate, and is listed as non custodial parent on the child support order. My question is this: If he […]


when is a person who is under investigation for tax fraud notified that he is under investigation?

ok he’s under investigation, and the case has been referred for prosecution, this is already a known fact. so, when is he going to be notified that he’s under investigation, if at all, and at what point do they arrest? if at all. it’s for tax fraud, lying about deductions, money laundering, drug dealing, etc… […]


Tax fraud case- Do u think he will face jail time?

A federal grand jury has indicted a Calhoun, Ga. tax preparer on charges of filing falsified tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service and obtaining 7,000 in improper tax refunds. An Oct. 22 indictment accuses 31-year-old Wilson Ngure of falsifying income levels, withholdings and deducations while electronically filing returns for more than 30 taxpayers. U.S. […]

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