I am mom w/ 2 kids of my own, how do you file for child custody in Tx when you are not the biological parent.?

About 5-6 yrs ago, my dad adopted my sis 4 kids (3 boys, 1 girl). He recv’s over k (& has only given me 0 ttl to help) a mon. to take care of them, which is good bc he does not work, his only bills are rent, at&t, cable and gas(car). He also gets […]


Questions about child custody…..?

I’m nervous because my brother is going to court in a week and is suing for full custody of his children and we reside in a state that is known for having a sexist bias that favors mothers, New York State. So, I’m wondering if people who have been through custody disputes can shed some […]


is this fraud or what would the charge be?

My sister in law was involved in an accident with another member of my family. Her mother went around to cops, insurance companies, courthouse etc. and told them all that she was my sister inlaws power of attorney and they gave her information. She is using this information to cause trouble for my other family […]

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