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Why would a priest like Padre Pio commit fraud?

The stigmata of padre pio were self inflicted according to medical reports–and kept open and disinfected at the same time by the use of carbolic acid. (There is substantial testimony from others of not only the overwhelming odor of carbolic acid but from folks who secretively dispensed it to him. Isn’t lying for jebus still […]


Isn't it illegal for a investigator to impersonate federal agents?

Last time I checked it was under section 18 of the US code as a federal something or other. It is a crime, but is it not a crime for a private investigator to impersonate such? Now under what right does a lawyer want an investigator to go impersonate federal agents in order to gather […]


How to get a lien release for my car when the dealership committed fraud and filed for bankruptcy protection?

First, I apologize for the length of this description, but I assure you it is extremely unique situation. I purchased a car in November 2009 from a smaller local (but reputable) import dealership in Minnesota, where I live. I traded in my vehicle and financed through a credit union. My paperwork from the dealership clearly […]


Is this sufficient evidence with which to prosecute SSI Fraud?

I am aware of an individual that receives SSI Disability payments for an unspecified mental illness. He recently stated, during a child custody trial, and under penalty of perjury, that he "fabricated the symptoms of mental illness" in order to receive SSI payments. He also stated that he has monetary assets, greater than ,000 and […]


Are the Mayweather kids' testimony that Fraud Jr. hit Josie Harris is not enough proof?

Fuchsia Girl says so. What do Flomos want? Actual videotape of the event? Who’s more credible here, Fraud Jr. or his children? Testimony from a credible witness is evidence. @Fuchsia Girl Yeah it doesn’t matter who’s credible because for all you Flomos, Fraud Jr. is always innocent. He’s just a victim of racial profiling and […]


My Car was stolen and my insurance company claims it is fraud and won't pay?

My policy was valid and the police report confirms the theft. I have provided many hours of testimony and paperwork related (presumably) to the claim, like telephone records, bank statements, repair receipts for recent repairs – why would I spend money on a car if I was going to have it stolen?? This has been […]


i know someone who commited insurance fraud, and recieved $ 15,000 dollars for damages he made to his house.?

the person vandalized their house, and made their furniture and expensive things disappear, and claimed them to be stolen. which he actually gave to his loved ones. this happened 2 yrs ago, and im wondering what i should do. this may seem selfish, but i was told if you report it and it leads to […]


Question about arson and insurance fraud?

Ok, I have began investing in real estate. I was speaking to another investor at a REI club and he told me something that shocked me completely. He said that he bought a house for 00. It was in poor condition, no hot water heater or furnace, holes int the wall, kitchen cabinets gone, etc. […]


Case holding testimony from criminal trial can be used as against interest of party opponent in civil trial?

I am Federal Court her and I’m dealing with Fed Rule of Evidence 801. I am P and I want to offer my D’s testimony from a previous criminal prosecution against him. There was a conspiracy to commit fraud-like acts and my current D turned state’s witness on his co-conspirators and testified that he was […]


If Hillary isn’t smart enough to KNOW Bill was cheating on her, Is she smart enough to run this country?

Bill Clinton had been a serial adulterer for their entire marriage, as everybody with half a brain knows. In 1988, he called me and said that he and Hillary were considering divorce and he had to get away from her for a while. I offered him my house in Key West, Fla. Right before the […]


Fraud in custody “agreement”?

Without legal advice of any kind, and with coercion, parents signed a "voluntary" relinquishment of custody to the grandparents. This was following several false reports to cps, one attempted family abduction, pressuring the father to file a fraudulent divorce petition, and finally running with the kids. Grandparents then file for "emergency" custody.. concealing other prior […]

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