Is it a civil suit or a small claims court? fraud/scam?

I was introduced to a guy that was selling a car, my friend introduced me to him, he was a very nice guy, a person that when you see and talk to makes you feel like you can trust him. I downed 00 on the car. then later on he said he was strapped for […]


Fraud on cultural exchange student's Programs?

who can help me? there is an exchange student program that may have commited fraud on me, because with no fundamental reasons sent me back to my country of origin (Mexico). this program charges a lot of money for an student to live a period of 10 months (average) in a city in the US […]


Should I report my ex for insurance fraud?

My ex of two years borrowed 0 from me and has failed to repay 0 of the money back. He has stated that he put a check in the mail and sent it to me, I have not received anything and now he is not returning my calls or text messages. He recently burned his […]

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