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Are credit reports, credit scores and credit monitoring services a tax deductible expense?

I am interested to know if the IRS will allow us to deduct our expeneses in these areas. If so, then I believe that more people would be interested in checking their credit reports and scores for accuracy or even monitor them. Of course is free, but monitoring services and credit scores cost money, […]


What is the difference?!?!?!?

Hey yall, i am a criminal justice major and was wondering what is the difference between grand larceny and fraud. I go sit in on court hearings because i wanna be a lawyer. So anyways, i saw this person in court that stole 800$ worth of clothes and got grand larceny charge. Then another guy […]


Does anyone know an email address to report food stamp fraud?

I’m looking for an email address to report a food stamp fraud case to. I’m wanting to report this and have been told to contact the Division of Family Resources but when you call that all you get is a recording. I would like to contact someone to report it. Thanks for your help in […]


How does Social Security Disability or Social Security Insurance Fraud cases work?

I have been on Social Security for many years and have on occasion received certification letters in the mail. I am now being sent the same paperwork, should there be concern for this? I am afraid of losing my benefits as my husband is currently unemployed and we are barely making it on my small […]


How do you report an Attorney for fraud?

We paid an attorney in maine to do an investigation for us to allow us a temporary visa into canada. He has basically stolen the money. Is there an organization like the american medical association, for attornies, that we can report him to to try to get the money back? Thanks for your help. Thank […]


Need to know how to find email headers in my email. Fraud alert?

I had someone pull a fast fraud with me on ebay and they (ebay secruity) asked for the headers from person but I do not know how to get headers-trailers from my yahoo mail–there is just the email address. I NEED headers..We have to protect each other out here in cyberland..Thanks for your help..Remember I […]


If you have been a victim of identity theft, could you share your story with me for a research paper?

I am a college student and my composition teacher wants us to write a research paper on something that bugs us, so I chose to write about identity theft. In this paper I am required to use resources beyond reading articles and reporting on them, so that is why I have chosen to use this […]

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