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What Do You Think about Egypt OR about The Egyptians in General?

I am about to move to Egypt in 6 months to make post studies their at Cairo University I live in UAE so i am Arabian as well BUT I am afraid to go to Egypt nowadays especially after the revolution of the 25th. of the last January in addition to that as far as […]


Does using a visa gift card online instead of a credit card eliminate the risk of identity theft?

I really want to start shopping online for some things, but i have no credit card and even if i did, i would worry about using it online because of identity thieves. i was looking into using gift cards online instead and i found that to activate the card for online use, you must provide […]


Who exactly steals identity for identity theft?

What exactly happens….who are these thieves, where do they get the information from and how do I protect myself from identity theft?


Why do scammers or identity theft thieves always immediately try to get you to contact them via their yahoo em?

Why do scammers and identity thieves always ask you right away to start communicating with them via their yahoo email account as opposed to just messaging back and forth on the dating site?


Identity Theft: What claims do I have to $$…placed in a bank account, which statements come to me?

Identity Theft: What claims do I have to $$ thieves made with my name…placed in a bank account, which statements come to ME? Thieves are in jail now, but, what claims do I have, especially since the bank statements come to me? Do I have claim to the money in the bank account? IF SO, […]


Animals have no conscience?

In both science and philosophy, I heard people claim that as a fact. With our current knowledge over emotions, they are merely chemical reactions into our brain that alters the usual reaction to events. ex: someone greets you, you could react calmly, friendly, aggressively or flirteous going with your current emotional state. If animals of […]


Would it be feasible to capture identity theft criminals at the fullest extent of law?

Let’s say make the victim is a decoy giving out social security number and personal information. That decoy is used to trap or capture identity thieves and be charged with harsh punishments. It’s like trying to capture mice using mouse traps. The mouse sees the tasty cheese morsel that’s attached to the mouse trap. It […]


Why are republicans more concerned about the profits of health insurance companies than the well being of?

American citizens? We could easily convert our system and put all Americans on Medicare which is paid through taxes, then hire enough regulators to police people like the Medicare Fraud King, gov. Rick Scott of Florida and thieves like him. Republicans seem to have every excuse in the book as to why not, but no […]


a debit card i got in the mail was tampered with, i am afraid of identity theft?

i called my bank and had the new card in the mail canceled. Identity thieves open mail with credit/debit cards in them to write down the card number and wait for that person to activate it, i read about this type of stuff. i dont think my birthdate was in this letter, just my card […]


Do you think the Real ID Card should only be used by Illegal Aliens? Will it stop Identity theft?

Will it stop identity theft if their fingerprints are on it? Will it stop know identity thieves? Or is it just more intrusion and violation of Privacy of legitimate citizens of the USA? What can you do? You must have one by May 2008 and will not be able to have a bank account, board […]


What can a teen, like myself, do to protect him/herself from identity theft?

I’m just worried that I might lose my identity somehow. I’ve read stories of high people have lost thousands of dollars to identity thieves.


How come credit card companies don’t help against identity theft?

I know some credit card companies do care about identity theft but my big question is how come they don’t try to protect against it harder, i.e. to keep themselves from having to pay the businesses back for someone purchasing on another persons credit card that wasn’t suppose too. If a thief charges thousands of […]


Under current laws, exactly WHO is responsible for Internet identity theft?

I need to know exactly who is responsible for Internet identity theft. Is it the consumers, the credit card companies and credit bureaus, or the government for poor privacy laws and light punishments for identity thieves? I’m a little confused on this subject. I really need to know. Also, if you can, provide me with […]


How do you prevent Identity Theft?

What are things you do in everyday life that prevent identity theft? I have my name on all my cards without my middle initial, I do not sign the back. It says see photo ID. My legal signature ALWAYS has my middle initial on it. So if there is ever a dispute, I win! I […]

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