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is it true yahoo briefcase is closing on march 30 or is this a phishing scam?

i got a email notice from yahoo telling me 2 click on the link & when i goto my briefcase, it wont let me download anything , there’s a thing that comes on that sez "folders cant be downloaded" even tho the briefcase help sez u can download your stuff. what’s happening?


how do I protect myself from Identity theft?

Where can I get that protection?? what are some recommened sites and what are the going fees for this on going identity protection. someone got ahold of my card number, leave me to believe why not sell my identity? even tho im not important like that lol So what are those identity protection site then […]


information needed for illegal rx sales and workman's comp possible fraud?

OK I need information on how to report a "family" member a couple years ago he got into some trouble for nearly pistol wiping a man to death I dont know how but he never received jail time but did receive probation one of the requirements was he never posses any weapons for a certain […]


reporting welfare fraud in california?

i have learned of someone fraudulently receiving welfare,food stamps and medical for the past year. my conscience won’t let me ignore this. should i report it and if so how can i do so annonymously? the web site for our county does not offer online reports and the phone # i called asks to leave […]


Statute on fraud in California? If a business partner opens a credit card in his name, using our information,?

charges ,000 then files bankruptcy on both those charges and on money owed for a joint business venture, can we still file charges for fraud. We didn’t do anything then because he had a wife and three children. But his 42 year old wife died suddenly at night and we didn’t purse any criminal charges. […]


is there a way to obtain medical records from somebodys past? it is to help me w/ a court case?

ok now i have a relative that is severly manic depressed and bipolar, and i am concerned about her well being because she has really gone off the deep end and put a restraining order on me, she obviously lied to the judge to have him sign it. now im going to see a lawyer […]


social security fraud?

My mom is disabled and cant work full time. she gets monthly checks for me and my other 2 sisters… well i havent lived there for a year and a half ( im currently 17) and they have still been drawing the checks off of me even tho i dont live there and they refused […]


Child Support problem husband is deployed ?

Being that my husband is deployed his son mother just file child support on him even tho she’s been getting support my question is we didnt get the paper work because she mailed it to his father home. My father in-law said the papers states to mail the payments to the new jersey child support […]


Had a court appointed lawyer, he withdrew. Now i had the court bring in a private attorney.." Should i hire?

1. My old court appointed lawyer, withdrew from my case. Do to were not on the same page. 2. Superior court, got me a Private lawyer, who has done many murder cases. Is this " Private lawyer" hired by SUperior court, going to work hard for my case. Even tho he is being paid by […]


What’s involved in reporting insurance fraud? Worker’s disability fraud?

I want to report someone getting worker’s compensation/disability but still performs full time construction work. What is involved? Should I go take pictures of the person working myself? I don’t know which insurance company he is collecting from tho.


child support fraud??

what is the laws punishment for recieveing child support and your not taking care of the children and your not giving money to the people taking care of the children and providing for the children and your useing it for your own well being for your bills,food,other other children,real estate? How can you get proof […]


Child support fraud in Ohio? Mother stealing money.?

My husbands daughter turned 18, moved out before she turned 18, goes to post secondary classes, works full time, and her mother still collects child support. I know she hasn't graduated high school yet but is due to in May. The child support agency sent the mother papers and they said that the mother provided […]


Legal Advice reguarding fraud?

My boyfriend's aunt was asked by her boss to "accidently" burn down her place of employment for the insurance money. She hitched a ride to the laundry matt that she works at with her vehicle, caught a drier on fire by messing with the wires and left. When my boyfriend returned to his house (across […]

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