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I need a lawyer for someone who stole my checkbook?

and wrote checks forging my signature. This person stole about 5 thousand dollars from me. I’m exploring my options for lawyers to help me figure all of this mess out, but what kind of lawyer do I need? Criminal lawyer? Family law? Is there a speciality of lawyers that deal in Fraud? Just as a […]


Fakers who get diability is it fraud or am I just madd for the wrong reasons?

This totally makes me madd but I have a friend who got his disability approved yesterday, I was totally shocked cuz I didnt thank for one minute that he would be able to get it. This guy tells his doctors he cant walk without a cane he is in so much pain all the time […]


If stealing or threatening is a crime then shouldn't cheating on a spouse or lying to a friend be one too?

We have many moral and ethical standards which if we violate, can constitute it being a crime. If I steal 5 dollars from a restaurant table I could be arrested for theft. If I cheat on my husband or wife however, there is no criminal liability. I could lie on my taxes by a thousand […]


whos a good fraud lawyer in illinois?

i was suppose to get a loan for five thousand dollars and i paid an insurance fee of 526 dollars and a month went past and i never received the loan the number i originally had is now dissconnected all i have is their fax number so i need to know what kind of lawyer […]


What can we do to clear my fiancee's name of a theft she was not involved in?

Almost a year ago my fiancee was working as a loan officer at a Texas bank. She would work as a teller on the weekends if someone had to call off and they were short staffed, so she had a drawer in the vault that was constantly stocked with money. She and the bank managers […]


Anyone familiar with our justice system?

Okay let me start off by saying please no judgements, okay?! I live in Louisiana and am a 19 year old female… && here’s my situation, I moved into a new neighborhood about a year ago and made some really great friends. I am currently going to college so i decided i would babysit a […]


unemployment fraud and calling cps?

I know someone who filed for unemployment last year and then got a job but keep cashing his unemployment checks months after he had a job. Now he got laid off will he be able to collect unemployment again.He only made 30 thousand dollars last year but he is telling everyone that he is getting […]


What does it take for the IRS to investigate tax fraud?

My exbf/baby daddy is self employed and refuses to produce tax returns (since 2006) for the purposes of establishing retroactive child support and claims he makes only -30k per year, but his lifestyle is obviously not commensurate. He was ordered to produce bank documents, but produced only some of them… however, it was discovered that […]


commited identity theft but left the country . Can you live in Canada ?

After commiting identity theft in the UNited States for lets say 10 thousand dollars can you live in Canada without ever been bothered if yo uleave the US beofre beeing convicted or tried for teh crime. Will anyone come after you in Canada and can yo uever return to the UNited States or is that […]


who is responsible for a fraudulent appraisal?

Our mortgage was approved based on a fraudulent appraisal. We signed the note believing we had 50 thousand in equity, now we find out that we actually owe more on the home than it is worth. Does anyone know of a lawsuit that has gone in favor of the homeowner in this circumstance? I believe […]


Is this property fraud when you sign saying your buying something and the money will be taken to re-construct?

i bought a property and some lawyer took out a mortgage on my name because i had good credit. he said he wants me to buy it and his friend will renovate it and sell it for more price and i will make a few thousand dollars. you think this is a scam? am i […]


Is this crimianl probate fraud ? I think I found hard evidence.?

My grandmother was named the personal representative of my father who died in 1992. I was a child when he died that is why she was named the PR. My sister and I are the only heirs to the estate.She lied to us and told us there was no money left and basically tried to […]


What would you the supporters of illegal aliens tell these 3 victims of identity theft.?

An illegal immigrant is behind bars charged with identity theft. 35 year old Tixtha Martinez has been residing in Morton. She was arrested Wednesday on three counts of identity theft. Martinez is accused of opening loans at the Central Mississippi Federal Credit Union using a stolen identity. The victims were from Illinois and contacted the […]


Would this be considered insurance fraud?

Someone I know was in a car accident. They were hit from behind and pushed into 2 other cars. The person that hit her doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all of the damage. So the person I know sued the person that hit her to cover the damage of her car. Meanwhile, the person […]


Can a qualified individual tell me, is this insurance fraud?

I was hurt on the job and made a report of injury. My regular insurance covered the costs except my co-pays, and I did tell them this was a work related injury. Now the workers compensation insurance company has offered to pay all outstanding medical bills, which would be the co-pays. Would this be legal? […]



On what to do!??? I am so lost here My grandmother and her lawyer have been working on our estate for 17 years My sister and I were told he died bankrupt and we believed her. Three years ago I found out there was money. I finally now have PROOF of everything they hid from […]

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