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Welfare fraud? Please help!?

I applied to my states medicaid program for my new baby and made a huge mistake. When applying I was under the impression I was only to report current income. So I did. When the lady dealing with my application called me asking for the three months prior my application date as well I sent […]


Social Security Card and Checkbook stolen?

Recently my social security card and checkbook were stolen. I have two bank accounts open and one credit card. I have put a fraud alert on my credit for three months and I am going to close both bank accounts tomorrow. Then, I am going to go to social security and replace my card. Is […]


Best way to accept payment from international renters?

We are renting our house to a family from europe (we are in the U.S.) for about three months. Does anybody have any suggestions on how they should pay us? Should they do an international electronic transfer from their bank to ours? Or is there a simpler, safer way that is more fraud proof? Thanks


I need some good opinions on this problem. What can I do about this legally?!?

What is the name of your state? South Carolina In August of 2006 my husband bought a boat from a co worker. He made payments on it for three months. When he made the first payment, the guy gave him to boat title and we were going to get the motor title after we made […]


Can I file charges again for Credit Card Theft and Identity Theft after I have already dropped them?

It has been a year and a half since I have filed and dropped charges, do I have the option to file charges again? It was my boyfriends mother who filed the charges against my boyfriends ex-wife. She stole her credit card and told my boyfriend that she was letting her use it. He for […]


What can I expect to squeeze out of a new car dealership for obvious fraud?

Believe it or not this is a true story that happened to me and the drama continues on. It is a long story, not as long as the one I wrote here last night though. I forgot to follow the a,b,c’s for the board questions. October 2009, I decided to trade my 03 one ton […]


real estate small business fraud?

Couple months ago, my family purchased a small yogurt shop in California. It was the first business purchase in the U.S. and we bought this business through a realtor who her husband is the previous owner of this yogurt shop. During the process of it, we asked the previous owner and the realtor if there […]


Is this insurance fraud? If so, how likely am I to be found out/punished for it?

Three months ago, in the dead of winter, my windshield cracked because of the extreme and rapid changes in temperature. At the time, I wasn’t covered for glass damage by my insurance package. It’s time for me to renew now (I buy insurance in 6-month blocks online) and I need to get my state inspection […]


fraud on the internet?

Hired a care thru an internet broker company and took out insurance against excess charge in case of damage. After paying the excess i notified the company and was e-mailed that it would take three weeksto sor out. Have not heard from them since and have received no reply to further e-mails or calls. What […]


Would you let someone who has a criminal record baby sit your children?

Would you let someone who has a criminal record baby sit your children? I ran a background check on my nanny, and it turns out that she was in jail for drug possession, fraud, attempted kidnapping, and prostitution. She got out of jail five months ago and is on parole. She’s been working with us […]


If you’re caught for insurance fraud, how long does it take for you to get arrested?

I know of someone who got caught for auto insurance fraud. The car (supposedly stolen) was found the same night. That was three months ago. The police know who did it. What could be taking them so long?


Is it legal for a mortgage broker to pay for a potential client’s mortgage payment?

My mother in-law was working with a person in L.A. He paid her mortgage out of his bank account, under the impression that he would be able to get her loan done. When he figured out that he couldn’t get the loan done, they set-up an arrangement for her to pay back the money. Well, […]


Did Gateway breach warranty contract?

I bought a tablet from Gateway January ’08. It arrived defective and I was told to stop using it and send it in immediately for service. After three months of being ignored, insulted, drug through the mud, etc by GW customer and technical support, I filed a dispute with my cc company for Service not […]


My credit card balance is over 50%. How long will it take my credit score to go back up?

Hi. I recently just got my first credit card ever and used it to make a 00 purchase. The credit limit is 00, so obviously I'm over 50% of the balance, and I just learned that's bad for credit scores. I expect to be able to pay off the purchase in the next two or […]

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