Pat Robertson fraud with diamonds, the dictator, and planes for the poor!?

As widely reported across the internet a few years ago what do you think about Pat Robertson and the Zaire Dictator Mobutu Seko(a murderous thug) diamond connection? Pat Robertson began begging for donations for 3 new planes to benefit Operation Blessing in 1994 for humanitarian assistance in Africa. Specifically to remove refugees and provide medical […]


Has the MSM spent more time investigating Joe the Plumber than Obama’s shady past?

Joe the Plumber – Average American – Does not have own plumbing license (operating under company’s license)/ Had a tax lien that he was not aware of (according to him), asked a socialist a question. Barack Obama – Presidential candidate – Attended a racist/ antisemitic/ anti-American church for 20 years and mentioned pastor as spiritual […]

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