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Why are people so angry about the Health Care Reform Bill?

Lately there has been a lot of violence occurring surrounding the new Health Care Law that has been passed. I was shocked and confused about the way people were reacting. Being angry about something is one thing, but being violent is a completely different story. We actually researched the bill in my political class, and […]


Will my parents insurance company force me to take insurance that is being offered to me at my job?

I am a full time student and worker. Under my parents insurance i am covered because i am a full time student. Since i am a full time worker, I am now being offered insurance. I would just like to waive everything that is being offered to me, though i am not sure i can. […]


Falsely accused of Identity Fraud!?

My ex did some very bad things (he was a police officer) and got sentenced to prison. At the time we were on good terms, his house was in my name, along with other items. His parents pressured me to sign the house over to them, and right after I did they started accusing me […]


Sued by credit card agency in California….?

The papers were dropped off at my house and i went to the superior court and i was handed a "Breach of Contract" It’s been 4 years and I don’t know what I’m suppose to write on the paper … I’m really scared I’ve never have been in trouble with the law or anything I […]

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