Auto Fraud? What should I do?

I purchased a car from a used dealer two weeks ago for ,000. I have had nothing but problems with it since. The first week I had to have the car jumped every day if not twice a day. The car would shake when idle and the RPM meter would jump past 2 or 3. […]


What can I expect to squeeze out of a new car dealership for obvious fraud?

Believe it or not this is a true story that happened to me and the drama continues on. It is a long story, not as long as the one I wrote here last night though. I forgot to follow the a,b,c’s for the board questions. October 2009, I decided to trade my 03 one ton […]


PA Auto Insurance Fraud?

ok. so my jeep go damaged by a tree branch and i got a check in the mail from the insurance company after they came out and looked out it and got an estimate. if i take the check and use it to put a lift kit and new tires on my jeep? is there […]

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