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tax fraud or identity theft?

During the year of 2008 I was eighteen years old and in my second year of college I had work two jobs that summer. I asked my parents to file my taxes for me while I continued to do my daily activities. I was in college in VA and my parents in FL. My parents […]


Does NCAA overlook age fraud because they are so corrupted?

There is this guy from another country that came with a fake passport were he claims to be 10 years younger than his real age, so he could play basketball for a D1 school here in the US. I was just wondering how NCAA couldn’t figure that out. I know other really good players that […]


Child Support Fraud child lives with mother enrolled in school but not attending to obtain support.?

A Father has been instructed by DHCS to pay the Mother Continued Child Support For his Child Whom lives with the mother is 19 years old and currently enrolled in an On-line GED course. However the Said child is not attending, or completeing said classes. He is just enrolling so that they Un-employed Mother can […]


Could this impeach all the liberals who voted to take over health care due to fraud, and system abuse?

see: pay special attention to: The HHS inspector general’s office has the power to kick executives out of the Medicare and Medicaid program, effectively ending their career in health care. It’s already done it. Three top executives … See more at Purdue Frederick, which illegally marketed the painkiller Oxycontin are now appealing their 12-year […]


Immigration Fraud- I 751?

US citizen woman married to a 60 yrs old nigerian muslim man. He submitted a forged I 751 with ins with all the documents his lawyers got through our divorce discovery. At that time, i was suspicious and contacted ins. i got an excellent immigration lawyer, who wrote all the INS offices at all the […]


Online Fraud in the name of trading?

One of my friend(I am abusing this word if I call him so) got nearly 50000 from me initially saying that he is conducting a trading service and he trades in DOW Jones and will give huge returns.I knew him since 2006 but never had met him.He gave his account number I have transferred the […]

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