Would you blame a man for not wanting to have anything to do with his child?

My stepbrother just confided in me that he has another child that we don’t know about. He said that he dated while he was going through his divorce. She claimed that her tubes were tied, and was lying. She eventually got pregnant & got on welfare. She already had 3 kids and believe it or […]


How can i make sure a doctor is not a fraud?

My mother had her tubes tied so she wont have anymore children.Know she wants to get it undone. she cant afford kaiser, so she found a doctor online. the website shows no pictures and they ask for half the money in advance how do i know hes a real doctor and not a fraud? when […]


Any of you guys a lawyer?

I am a medical student and also doing research within the university on mitochondrial ageing. I also have a small lab in the basement of my house. Sometimes I get samples of chemicals and tubes, etc. because I tell them that I am medical student but when they ask me for the address of the […]

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