What Do You Think about Egypt OR about The Egyptians in General?

I am about to move to Egypt in 6 months to make post studies their at Cairo University I live in UAE so i am Arabian as well BUT I am afraid to go to Egypt nowadays especially after the revolution of the 25th. of the last January in addition to that as far as […]



Has anyone heard of STARGATE CARGO located in Sharjah, UAE? I sent a parcel and was told that it will take 45 days to deliver, it’s been 75 days till date and my family have not receive it yet. They don’t even have a website, just one landline office phone number and the rest are […]


what is punachment in usa law for Green card holder having criminal record?

I am resident of UAE and I hire one lawyer in USA, who having office in UAE(which is closed now) and he is holding Green card for my L1A petition since three month he charge me lot of money and till now he did nothing, now I came to know that he has 24 visa […]

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