Are debt settlement companies a scam?

I was thinking of signing up with a debt settlement company but I have heard the debt settlement companies not what they seem. They promise to settle your credit card and unsecured debt for half or less than what you owe. I have heard what they don’t tell you is that you usually get sued, […]


Serious Legal Question on WAMU Credit Card?

JPMorgan Chase said it was not acquiring any senior unsecured debt, subordinated debt, and preferred stock of WaMu’s banks, or any assets or liabilities of the holding company, Washington Mutual Inc. JPMorgan also said it will not take on the lawsuits facing the holding company. Now, if there is no signed credit card agreement between […]


What credit card would you recommend for someone trying to re-establish good credit history?

I have decent credit but I had cancelled all my cards when trying to get out of debt. I am now free of all unsecured debt but I need to have a card so in the future I won't be hurt by having no credit. I'm thinking I want a card with no annual fee […]

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