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Is this considered a fraud marriage?

I know a couple who is married and have a son. The man who is an green card resident not a US citizen brought them from Peru and left them 2days after their arrival and the women has a boyfriend now. The man has been living with another woman way before his family got here. […]


Immigration fraud PLZ HELP?

I know of someone who married a US Citizen and is currently separated from him…they have been separated since 2008 and now its time to file the i751 and shes filing jointly, she send in all necessary paperwork to prove thats shes still living with her married spouse..when infact she doesn’t..(The only thing that she […]


I-485 pending for 8 years now. Her lawyer was arrested for allegedly participating in marriage fraud?

In 2003 she married a US citizen and filed I-485 and I-130 for her 2 children who were in her home country. Year 2005, I-130 for her children was approved but her I-485 petition is still pending (for 8 years now). The only benefit she gets is a work authorization. In 2007, I-485 was filed […]


As an Iranian woman with conditional green card, can I stay in US after divorce?

I am an Iranian 30 year old woman, who came to America with conditional green card based on 3 years marriage to US Citizen husband and we have a 2 year old baby together. Now I don’t want to be with him anymore, do you think if I get divorce, I still can extend my […]


is there anyway for an alien accused of fraud marriage to enter the usa after marrying a us citizen?

I married a us citizen 3 years ago, i had some problems with her and we got divorced we didnt live together and didnt have much contact coz of her family who was against our marriage , they put a lot of pressure on her our marriage so i left usa 6 months after I […]


Am I able to obtain Child support from a parent in a foreign country?

My oldest son’s father is from Argentina. He was here legally on a VISA through his father, who became a US Citizen through employment with Hewlett Packard. A couple years ago however, after we split up, he moved to Virginia, and was then deported a year later after facing federal fraud charges for cashing his […]


3 questions on what happens if they marry an illegal alien in the USA?

I have a friend, she is Brazilian and she is currently in Brazil but she wants to come to the USA as a tourist visa. Her boyfriend is here in the USA but is currently illegal but soon will be getting his green card to be legal here. She was wondering if she gets married […]


I am a survivor of domestic violence and I need your help please?

My husband abused me sexually, financially, mentally, verbally and emotionally. I have known him for 13 years, 3 years ago he came to live with me and we got married 2 years ago. We have a 1.5 year old child together. I was clinically depressed for a while and lost all my confidence and financial […]


Marriage fraud lovers…?

Why do you love legals so much? All legals I know as such by marriage fraud:those are former illegals, too tired of waiting for amnesty, who paid -15,000 to marry a US citizen for papers. You won't believe how many people do it! And why not, if that's the only way to become a US […]

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