Why do the police rarely ever arrest Corporate Criminals?

For example, companies such as Sears stole over 0 million using deceit, which is basically fraud. Firestone executives allowed faulty tires to remain on vehicles causing over 200 fatal crashes. Macy’s also did fraud with some people. NONE of these executives were arrested and sent to jail. Why do company executives rarely ever go to […]


i know that them “grant writing service” are scams, SO how do i go about getting grant money for a business?

I search through most of the gov. grants web pages, such as grantgov. & usgrant.gov….ect the two grants that i would like to apply for is a small business grant and a project grant for decreasing the violent gun crimes in chicago. i know that free money is hard to get, but i need some […]


Is the woman rights movement a fraud that should be abolished?

Women complain that they are discriminated ecoonomically and politically but they dont complain about the protection that the law provides them such as 1. Not being required like men to sign up for selective service 2. Being less likely than men to be sentenced to death or receive the same sentence for violent crimes. 3. […]

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