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Voter Fraud: So easy, A liberal can do it? there have been investigations, indictments or convictions for vote fraud in California, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland. In all but one case, the alleged fraudsters were Democrats. Latest Evidence of just how "easy" it is: The video, a sequel to O’Keefe’s "Primary of the Living Dead" in […]


Your opinion Southern California immigrant rights activist pleads guilty to vote fraud?

LOS ANGELES — A longtime immigrant rights activist has pleaded guilty to a felony count of voter registration fraud in Los Angeles. The district attorney’s office says Nativo Lopez entered his plea Wednesday after a judge prepared for jury selection in his trial, which was set to begin next week. The 59-year-old Lopez was immediately […]


Does Anyone Else Give a Crud About Voter Fraud?

"Multiple indications of vote fraud are beginning to pop up regarding the New Hampshire primary elections. Roughly 80% of New Hampshire precincts use Diebold machines, while the remaining 20% are hand counted." "The final results showed Ron Paul with 0 votes in Sutton. The next day a Ron Paul supporter came forward claiming that both […]


Do voting fraud and the USA go together like ham and eggs? Is the Washington State Caucus the latest example?

Mike Huckabee’s campaign has sent lawyers to the State of Washington to investigate actions on the part of the GOP Chairman who declared McCain the winner after only 87.2% of the votes were counted. There was less than a 200 vote spread between Huckabee and McCain. An update on the voting irregularities in Washington State […]


are you worried the republican powers that be and the republican voting machine companies are going to steal ?

another election? will it ever stop if they do and we do nothing again? I feel we need to force the truth somehow and get prosecutions for all involved and make the people getting rich off this foot some of the economic woes they caused and the massive amounts of money they made off politicians. […]


Read this article. Is it fair to conclude from this news story that ACORN stole the WA Governorship for Dems? Excerpt: ————- The BIAW has criticized the work of elections officials in King County, where most of the questioned voting took place in the 2004 gubernatorial race. Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire eventually edged out Republican Dino Rossi by 133 votes after two recounts and Rossi’s court challenge, which detailed allegations of vote fraud and […]


Is this yet another reason the republican brand is all but dead?

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s two year, .4 million dollar investigation into what he claims is “an epidemic of voter fraud in Texas” to justify his support for voter ID laws, resulted in just 26 cases. It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following C&L’s ongoing coverage of this issue that […]


How many believe the repubs will use vote fraud and election fraud to win the midterm elections?

With the widespread use of electronic voting, vote fraud and fraudulent elections will increase. The repubs will not go quietly into the night. It’s going to take armed insurrection to pry them out now that they have control. We need massive voting and election reform. We need term limits not just for individuals but for […]


How easy would it be for a criminal to commit voter fraud in your State if they really wanted to?

I’m of course referring to this story: "Voter ID law heads to Supreme Court" The dispute over Indiana’s voter identification law that is headed to the Supreme Court next week is as much a partisan political drama as a legal tussle. The mainly Republican backers of the law, including the Bush administration, say state-produced photo […]

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