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Why so many social security numbers for Obama?

If one is supposed to have one number for their whole life, then why have there been multiple numbers associated with President Obama? Could this mean the man who was allegedly going to be our "Savior", may actually be a fraud? The media has made the legend that is President Obama and now with due […]


victim of credit report fraud?

I need some help. I’m 22 years old. Three years ago Experian put over 0,000 in debt, that did not belong to me, onto my credit report, the debt belonged to somebody with a similar name who lived in the same town as me. Needless to say my credit limit on my credit card got […]


Help with financial fraud!?

My mother’s half sister is married with two children. She is a schoolteacher, and her husband is a driver. Besides their regular jobs, they rent a farm and work really hard on it. Recently, my aunt worked for her school’s principal (besides being a school principal, he had a small business). To employ her legally, […]


If Gay people are "unnatural" then how come their contributions to society are only positive?

There are no gay murderers or robbers….you never hear about gay religious nuts killing their families, you never hear about them leaching off the system, exploiting welfare, engaging in corporate fraud….if gay people are so "evil" name ONE evil thing gays have done. They have only contributed positively to society, through the arts, culturally, scientifically, […]


I need help finding an immigration lawyer in Washington state?

If anyone has information on how to find a pro-bono lawyer or someone to that extent on Immigration law. I live in Washington State and really want to get help for my boyfriend who was braught here as a child. I want him to do things the right way so he doesn’t have a chip […]


What are some reasons that a person would be a total “fraud”…..?

I knew this man who was very sweet, loving, generous but at the same time he needed a lot of attention,needed to belong and could be very closed off at times. This was all sort of average i thought..but then i found out he was a complete fraud. He lied about his family, history and […]


Needing legal advice about the rights of a biological father (Texas)?

OK. This is kind of a long story. Sorry. So get ready to read. Here's the deal…I have been married to my husband for 6yrs. He is on my 5 1/2yr old daughters birth certificate and has been her "daddy" from the very beginning even though he is not actually her "biological" father. My husband […]

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