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I recently was unknowingly lured into an Amway seminar…..what a joke. Evil company?

The lady I met was so nice and friendly, said she’d help get me a job and boom. 25 minutes into the seminar they started talking about the company, instant pyramid scheme in my mind. And I was right, what an evil company! Reading on the web that they donate tens of millions to the […]


Should Taxpayers be funding the Pensions of Elected Officials who are convicted of a crime?

Currently we have numerous Congressmen who are either under investigation or in jail already for bribery, child molestation , fraud the list goes on . Randy Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Mark Foley and now William Jefferson. Should we be paying for there Pensions or there Health-Care?


How is it possible to get "phishing email" and it's not my email address?

I’m getting fraud email from "western union" and I have no account with them. I know all that, but the email is not addressed to ME and my email address. I’m not getting an answer to the question. @KittySue-I looked up bcc and wikipedia has good write-up. Thanks:)


When are they going to drag Barney Franks into one of the famous inquisitions of the Congress?

Yes Barney "Elmer Fudd" Franks into the Spanish Inquisition style interrogations by the Congress on his scam and fraud on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that is costing us BILLIONS of dollars. They have been DE-LISTED on the NYSE There will, however, be two elephants in the room: mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, […]


An idea on cutting heath care fraud?

I was reading an article about Mystery Shopper on when i came across this: "In June 2008, the The American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs released a recommendation on the use of "secret shopper patients" in the Medical / Healthcare. The Recommendation: "Physicians have an ethical responsibility to engage in activities […]


What's the Difference between Al Gore and Bernard Madoff?

They both show phony documentation to get money. The phony documentation shows it’s a scam for money. The main difference so far is that Bernard has been caught and it’s only a matter of time before Al gets caught. QUESTION ::::: Do you see any differences between the two men ? ======================================… Bernard Lawrence […]


What are the legal consequences of unknowingly being involved in a Nigerian 419 scam and making a profit?

I have a family member who was victimized by one of those email 419 scams. what are legal consequences? best answer 10 points..thanks well what happened was they asked her to deposit money into her account and transer a larger portion..can she be held accountable


Hss anyone actually LOOKED at this immigration reform bill? How can you NOT call this amnesty?

OK, people get mad when we say that the bill being proposed grants amnesty to illegal aliens, but have you tried to read it? They are getting more benefits than US citizens get!! OK, they have to pay a k fine, but look what they get in return! I spent an hour or two combing […]


Nissan GT-R Nurburgring lap time a fraud?

Everyone with car knowledge had doubts about the time nissan claimed to have posted around the Nurburgring using what they called a "stock GT-R". The power to weight ratio just didn’t add up to the lap time that Nissan claimed the car could do. Nissan said the stock GT-R posted a lap time of 7:29 […]


Why do some women lie about the paternity of their child?

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