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Law suit… life insurance fraud..PLEASE HELP ME!!!?

My fiancee father died and left him and his brother 0,000 from a company life insurance policy. The insurance company looked for them but couldn’t locate the brothers because they lived in another country. When they turned 18 they were sent here with a document stating that this money was theirs and should be collected. […]


real estate small business fraud?

Couple months ago, my family purchased a small yogurt shop in California. It was the first business purchase in the U.S. and we bought this business through a realtor who her husband is the previous owner of this yogurt shop. During the process of it, we asked the previous owner and the realtor if there […]


could this be fraud?

Two years ago, my husband hit a truck from behind.They both got out of their cars.My husband gave the guy his information first.While my husband waited for his information, he check the guy’s truck and had a minor dent.My husband truck had a big damage.When they seen a cop passing by, my husband and witnesses […]


medical law & ethics (please help)

3) you’re interning as a medical office assistant for a small medical practice. One day while the doctor & nurse are absent, a male patient comes into the office without an appointment & asks to see the doctor.Before you can respond, he collapses on the floor & dies.Later the patient’s estate sues you, the nurse, […]


How do I contact Lowe's Lawyers to report Fraud lawsuit against Lowes?

My friend is a lifetime criminal (still on parole) and while spending decades in prison all he did was hangout in the library looking up law, helping out cellmates and their legalities , getting them released from prison early, etc etc. Lowe’s department store hired him as a worker and my friend injured himself slightly […]


Why Is Obama Chummy With Iraqi and PLO Criminals?

Obama lied about attending his Iraqi friend’s party. "Obama’s name in Rezko trial Levine says [Obama] attended bash for Iraqi crook ",CST-NWS-rezko15.article "Stuart Levine testified under cross-examination that Obama and his wife, Michelle, attended the April 3, 2004, reception for Nadhmi Auchi." … "Auchi — who lives in London — had been convicted of […]


can they fire me fro fraud?

I have worked for a large call center for 13 mon. I am 51 and work in ohio. I am known to love my job, and even though it takes me a little longer to get the computer down I try with all my heart. I was fired because I placed my own personal order […]


Case holding testimony from criminal trial can be used as against interest of party opponent in civil trial?

I am Federal Court her and I’m dealing with Fed Rule of Evidence 801. I am P and I want to offer my D’s testimony from a previous criminal prosecution against him. There was a conspiracy to commit fraud-like acts and my current D turned state’s witness on his co-conspirators and testified that he was […]


My ex husband (we’re separated, divorcing now) essentially stole bill money from me, what can I do?

To start, my ex moved out in the beginning of August, I’d been transferring money for half the bills to his bank account every month. Shortly after he moved out, I found out he hadn’t paid any of the bills for 2 months. We had a meeting with his attorney and he agreed to catch […]


What is the proper legal recourse? Remember, arbitration clause.?

My credit card company called me on April 14th at or around 5pm, while I was at work. My boss told me that is is/was illegal. I do work for the State, and have secured two witness statments (myself and the emlpoyee who answered the call). My credit card agreement had an arbitration clause. Does […]


lawyer messed up??

daughter and hubby have scheduled hearing on friday for custody case involving his parents. after the parents filed to regain custody of kids, his parents retaliated with more "allegations". Now, my daughter isn’t sure if there is even still a hearing (since their lawyer is doubtful of them succeeding) and is unclear on what the […]


what is statue of limitations on my divorse lawyer fileing fraudelent pprwk on case after he was fired?

lawyer redated documentation w witness signatures & forged my signature then filed 2 wks later w added charges 1 yr to the date is sueing me. how long do i have to counter sue him for fraud


If a Jehovah’s Witness informs elders of serious criminal fraud committed against them by another witness?

but the elders refuse to take any action even ignoring the victim who is disabled and suffering greatly, then a complaint is made to the society who in turn, ignores the fraudulent activity by the Witness committing the fraud, is this grounds for legal action against the fraudulent Witness, the congregation for allowing it to […]

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