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I applied for work in the US, but my work permit as per my lawyer will arrive between 2-4 weeks.Is it illegal?

We started the processing of the adjustment of my status for a green card in November, 2009. While surfing, I found a really good job, took the chance and I applied for it, I am just worried that if I get lucky and be considered for an interview, the employer might think that I’m committing […]


child custody problems!?

does anyone have a suggestion on how to get equal custody ? i have 3 kids , i am a good father my kids love me very much , but my ex wife makes up lies about DV and we are getting a divoce but i am afraid i will not get fair costudy becouse […]


FRAUD (Immigration, Insurance, Tax Evasion, Swindling "spouse') grounds for deportation?

Or is it only the basis for "physical" response on my part?? This lying, manipulative, Filipine trollop has taken me to the cleaners and now is destroying the relationship I have with my family members by sleeping with my brother!! Since she entered into the relationship with me (initially online) with only the intention of […]


Canada Work Permit and Visa. true or fraud?

I applied for a job at Wal-Mart Canada Corp. for Constrcution Supervision. The person showing himself from HR dept. of Wal-Mart Canada Corp. forwarded me to a Lawyer who is suppose to do all my Work Permit and Visa clearence stuff (as I am outside Canada). Now that Lawyer is asking me that I have […]


Isn’t Congress underhandedly pushing amnesty for illegal aliens in her AgJOBS amendment?

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to attach an amnesty amendment to the Iraq supplemental spending bill. It provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agriculture workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does’t count spouse & kids, bringing the total amnesty to about 3 million. The illegal alien would have to show he […]


Are the Democrats sneaking through illegal alien amnesty in an Iraq supplemental spending bill?

The amendment that passed provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agricultural workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does not include spouses and children, who would bring the total amnesty to a total of about 3 million. Once an illegal alien meets minimal qualifications, he would be entitled to: Bring his spouse […]

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