Why did Mark Stroman create fictional sister story and fictional 9/11 revenge story?

Mark Stroman who was put to death by lethal injection yesterday claimed that his sister was killed in WTC and as a result of that he went on a rampage to murder 3 asians (who by the way were not even arab or muslim). Then he said he was fighting terror. Prosecution proved that he […]


Do you think that the FBI looked into the possibility of insurance fraud in the attacks on the WTC Complex?

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC was mysteriously absent on the days of the attack when he was known to be there religiously, eating breakfast in the WTC complex. He was also able to collect BILLIONS on multiple insurance claims after the "attacks." Do you think that the FBI looked into the possibility of […]


What department was housed in the section of the Pentagon that was damaged on 9-11?

For example the WTC housed the SEC headquarters, Solomon Smith Barney, Enron and World Com who were being investigated for fraud (ex. Enron doing the fake power outages in CA to jack up prices etc) but all the investigations were dropped especially about the stock market which was artificially inflated then collapsed months prior, so […]

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