Car accident, ICBC fraud- very long question?

1 month ago my BF was in a accident with his cousin in the Passenger side. He crashed into a back of another car- he had enough time to stop but the roads where slick and he skidded- luckily no one was injured. Anywho, his cousin was taken to the hospital that day to be […]


Medical costs…Would this work…and if not, why not?

Why not forget private or public insurance for the regular everyday medical costs that we all should be incurring? Things like screening for certain illnesses or conditions, doctors office visits, x rays, etc. and use the private OR public insurance program ONLY for catastrophic illnesses. People of all income groups would be charged for services […]


The Law/Chiropractors & possible insurance fraud?

I would like to know if anyone can help me with this.I believe this local chiropractor is committing illegal acts/possible ins. fraud,etc & since he preaches that he is a Christian chiropractor & religion all day long,if he is in fact committing fraud or illegal activity-I think he should be exposed.Here are things he is […]

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