Fraud. Family. Is this terrible of me?

sooo, i’ll try make this short. ever since even my first job at 16 my mother has been stealing money from me. She also asked my boyfriend if she could borrow some money after we were only dating for a week(i didnt know she’d asked but he said yes being all nice) she never gave […]


Need help urgently! Being accused of retail fraud! Don't know where to go for help…?

Hello, First of all let me apologize in advance, I am in a very distressed state and have been awake for well over 48 hours now. So everyone knows I am in Michigan. We are a low income family, with myself, my fiance, and our two children (4 year old daughter and 7 year old […]


Social Security Number Fraud ?

Hello all, I recently figured out that my SSN has been compromised. I believe one of my close friends performed this act of fraud through my Drivers License and my Old Canceled Debit Card. I didn’t run a credit check because it won’t let me perform it. To the point I got thus far on […]

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