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Are you perpetrating a fraud?

You know what I’m talking about! You answer medical questions on YAHOO!Answers, even though the closest you’ve come to graduating from medical school is watching re-runs of SCRUBS? Are you a doctor, or are you just playing one on YAHOO??


how stiff is the penalty for identity theft?

I have someone using my real name on yahoo answers ,just for the sake of being mischievous. the local police are waiting for a reply from yahoo (24 hours) how much trouble can this lowlife expect? This person just did it to cause problems and is a huge troublemaker and has 5 charges pending to […]


Can I get a reward if I tell the insurance company that another Yahoo! User plans to commit fraud?

I saw a question on Yahoo! Answers from someone planning to commit insurance fraud by filing a false claim relating to damage to a car. If I send the question and the username to the major car insurance companies, can they determine the person’s real identity from the Yahoo! username, stop the fraud if the […]


Can both parents in a lesbian/gay couple be on the birth certificate?

Ok so I’m posting a question that I already know the answer to but when I was first searching for the answer I looked here on yahoo answers and never found a good answer. My partner and I went to a sperm bank (the one located in Washington NW Andro) and purchased sperm which was […]


Fraud at Yahoo Answers?

I’ve wondered for some time how is it possible that some people at Yahoo Answers consistently get close to 50% of their answers chosen as best. And I’ve wondered if it’s possible to register with Yahoo Answers under two different names and then vote for one’s own answers. Or perhaps ask questions under one name, […]


Is the company “Corporate Research International” a legitimate company?

My question has nothing to do with any kind of phones. This is a company that I wish to work with as a mystery shopper or auditor and need to know if they are a scam or fraud company. Where do you go to find out if a company on the internet is legitimate? The […]


Is Farrah Fawcett another victim of medical fraud and scientific chauvinism?

In recent times, there has been a steady loss of famous people due to CANCER. The last time I wrote about this on YAHOO! Answers, it was Jade Goody. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, everyone throws up their hands: "We can’t do anything about this!!!" The person is abandoned into a medical gymnastic […]


How can Google be involved in internet scams???

In trying to find a PS3, I came across BigWinterDeal, only accepting Western Union, referencing Yahoo Answers really helped me determine this is a scam. However, I found this scammer via a Google Sponsored link. How can Google accept ad revenue from such an obvious internet scam? In my mind this calls into question […]


Is there recourse to a real estate broker holding license to realtor committing fraud w/o broker’s knowledge?

The realtor with a real estate license that is held by the real estate broker may not have fully advised the broker of what they were doing or saying to the various parties in the purchase and sale of certain real estate that the realtor was representing as selling or listing agent. The broker deals […]

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