Tax Fraud – Any IRS folks out there? HELP! Please?

I have sole custody of my 4 kids who live with me full time. Their father is unemployed and not paying child support.

Last year I never received my refund and I found out he put the kids (whom he does not see or support) on his tax return. I filed the IRS fraud form, sent report cards, medical records and neighbor statements to the IRS to dispute his fraudulent return. What I eventually got was a notice from the IRS a couple months ago stating I would be receiving my refund, plus the 00 stimulus payment (which they also sent the ex last year)

I filed my return for this year online and it WAS REJECTED and I AM PANICKING!!!! HELP!!!!! Apparently the @ss did the same thing – he put the kids on his return again. When I called the IRS, the lady checked on last years’ return and the ex had also claimed ME on his taxes.

I work. And he put ME on his taxes 2 years in a row without my W2-s or any information whatsoever about me. How could the IRS not catch this? How could they send him a refund without MY income documentation? How could he cash a refund check with MY name on it?

I am frantic. I make only 42,000/year and my kids and I need our tax return money. I have my kids every single day of the year and every cent I make goes toward the roof over their heads, food and clothing. What should I do – please, anyone who knows what I can do, please please help. I thought I had done all the right things last year. I cannot confront the ex – he is long distance and also violent. I thought the IRS was the big bad enforcer of the law and that THEY would go after him.

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