tax fraud or identity theft?

During the year of 2008 I was eighteen years old and in my second year of college I had work two jobs that summer. I asked my parents to file my taxes for me while I continued to do my daily activities. I was in college in VA and my parents in FL. My parents filed my tax return and took the money which they receive which created a big argument I was never given any document or even an amount which was given to them. This year to be smarter I filed my own tax returns so that I could maintain knowledge of everything that was going on. I looked online after receiving a 1201 code I was anticipating them telling me my refund would be late instead I was told I would be getting no refund because I owed the Internal Revenue Service 00.00. My parents had claimed a child, a first time home buyers credit,an earned income credit, my jobs weren’t on the transcripts which were sent to me from the IRS. Almost a year later the IRS has stated there is nothing they can do about it because it is a civil matter between me and my parents. What should I do??? what is the process for starting a civil matter

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