Tax fraud, public assistance, and stealing money?

First let me just say that I have been on Public Assistance since my son was born in 2005. My mother moved out of the house and into her own apartment in mid 2009. My son and I moved out shortly after, to a diff state. I had my PA transfered to the state I live in. So for the last (almost) 2yrs, I have been taking care of myself and my son with the help of the state.

Due to some drama in my life, I’m currently living in a DV Shelter. They send you to Public Assistance, which although I already have it, I only had food stamps….no medical, no cash. So I had to go and get everything turned on. While I was there, the worker asked "Would you like to receive another check for you and your son?"…..naturally, I said yes. He then said he was going to make a call and tell this person that I had been working off the books (I have not been working).

I got a call a few days after from a lady saying she was going to handle my taxes. When I first spoke to my tax lady, she said my return would be ,064. She said she didnt have my paperwork infront of her to tell me the exact dollar amount.

Then a day or two later, she called me back to say that she couldnt do my taxes because someone else had claimed me. I spoke to my stepfather a few days prior and he said my mother asked him if she could claim my brothers (they live with him, not her). So when I heard someone had claimed me and my son, I knew it was my mother.

We spoke and I explained to her that my tax lady told me I’d get back roughly ,000. My mother said she would give me the 2k cause at the time thats the amount I knew. Everything was fine.

The next day I decided to call my tax lady just to make sure EXACTLY how much $ I was supposed to get. She told me ,749. I told my mother and she said it was "too much" (funny, I didn’t know she was a tax broker).

My mom said she wanted proof of the amount I was entitled to in writing. So I gave her the # to call my tax lady. My mom called her and the woman told my mom the amount was ,749.

Now my mother has been avoiding me ever since. That is the amount I would have got if she hadn’t claimed me and my son. Maybe she upset that she won’t have enough to fix her car or pay her bills….but if I had filed first, she wouldnt have that money anyway, and I would have MY money. If I had been faster to file…shed be in trouble with the IRS for claiming my son and I.

I have a kid to take care of, a license to fix, and soon I’ll have an apartment to furnish. SHE IS MESSING WITH MY LIVELIHOOD!!!

I have proof that I’ve been living in a diff state than her since mid 2009 due to my Public Assistance. I’m very angry! I feel I should have been quicker to file. Its like she stole ,000 out from under me and my son’s noses in a blink of an eye.

– Can I report her for tax fraud? I have not lived with her since 2009.

– What will happened when/if I report her?

– Will I get in trouble for tax fraud myself? Afterall, Public Assistance was the one who told me I could get a refund in the first place…made up a story how I worked off the books cleaning houses. I did not have to provide proof that I was/wasnt working when talking to my tax lady…everything was done over the phone.

– Will my mother go to jail? What exactly will happen to her?

– Will I ever get my money?
Btw…is there an age limit that someone can claim you on their taxes? I will be 30 in a few months
In 2010 I was not living with my mother. I was not working or going to school. I was only collecting food stamps.

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