The Dr. Phil shoe is a FRAUD?

I appeared twice on the Dr. Phil show. Once in Jan, and once in Feb all of this year. It was for "rage" issues. I’m a bitch basically. they exploited me! They twist things you say, they script a lot of what you are to say on the show for the shock factor. Dr. Phil is an IDIOT. H said nothing that wasn’t obvious or common sense about my "issue". He gave no constructive advice or help. At least his wife,Robin said a few things that made sense and were true. he promised me help from a famous Dr. Dr. Lawlwss. I saw him twice. Nothing. No help, just blither-blather. My whole family had to take time off from work/school. We has to find kennels for our dogs. I could not see my 6 year old child while I was on these "trips"to LA. And though they pay for your basic plane fare and hotel, it was very, very expensive to us. They do not pay you to be on the show. They said they could possibly "reimburse" for missed work,and when it came time for that, it was like pulling teeth. We did not get a check when promised. we did not gat what they said we would get,and they said budget was very tight -wich I understood, untill I saw several shows where Dr. Phil said the show would pay someones debts of tens of thousands of dollars, or but them things they needed, or send them on expensive trips. After the first show, I did not want to return for a second. They basically begged me. They promised money for all our expenses and troubles, and most of all, would not give me the results of my medical testing that dr. Lawless did, unless I went to do a second show, so naturally, I felt I had to. I fell for it all, hook,line, and sinker. The Dr. phil show is a fraud. It is entertainment only,not a self-help show as they claim, and I come to find out after the fact, that Dr. phil is not even a doctor of psychology,he has his doctorate in botany. Yes, botany, the study of plants. I have temporarily lost custody of my son because of this,because through the script, I looked like an unstable mother, which was great for my ex-husband, but very much not true. I am a bitch, and I use mean and foul language if someone wrongs me in my eyes, but I’m not a psychotic,bad person. And of course in the small town I live in, I am the laughing stock, and everyone loves to talk trash about me,which I wouldn’t care if not for the fact that my family,my mom, sister, has done nothing to deserve looking like the sibling,or mother of a fool. I’m writing to tell everyone- DO NOT GO ON THE DR PHIL SHOW.IT IS A FRAUD. I will write this everywhere I can to get the word out. Yuo have to sign a contract stating that you will not defame the show in any way,shap or form, but what are they gonns do? Sue my broke ass? right. dr. Phil, you are a liar and a phony. Your show used me for ratings only, did not care what happens to me,and as a result left my life in the crapper. Now, I take responsibility for doing the show in the first place. I’m the dumb one. But, shame on you for tricking me,and using me, and then ultimately blackmailing me to come on the show a second time in order to recieve my test results and help. BEWARE OF DR PHONY PHIL
Sorry, ment show, not shoe.

And for !!!!!- yeah, um no shit. You don’t think I went that route first? And eveeryone knows Dr. Phil can’t help anybody? really? Again, no shit. But he is a fraud to everyone, and if someone actaully is "helped"-though I don’t know what that really means- then it was purely through the form of suggestion that they though he would work for them, not because he actually helps in any way.
yeah, and once again. There was no question here. I wasn’t looking for peoples opinions either. Just a warning to all and a little venting.

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