They think it was fraud?? HELP!!!!?

So, I put my dog on a website to re home him, we had a lot of people write about him.We finally decided on a family that seemed great!! Everything was fine & then I start regretting it REALLY bad & then the family texts me & tells me they are going to kill my dog because "he doesn’t like them"! My husband had to leave at 12AM & drive 2 hours there to get him back! They paid us 0 for the dog, we spent 0 & part of it had to go to gas to get him back! So, we gave them 0 back or they said they would kill him! They are threatening to press charges for fraud, what can they do?
He was with them for about 4 hours.
But they paid us 0 for the dog & are wanting ALL of the money back, we HAD to use some as gas money to drive 2 hours
Oh yeah?! What is the rest of the story ROTTEN? I had NO intentions of getting him back, I was honestly trying to find him a GOOD home.

Thank you Pit Bull Girl, so even if we dont give them the 0 they are asking for back, they can’t do anything?
But they think that I had this planned as fraud all along!

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