PLease answer this if you’ve either been in this situation or if you have serious knowledge of it, please do not guess thankyou.

-Okay my cousin got caught with credit card fraud. She is a first time offender (shes 19 yrs old) and she only charged upto 600 hundred. The cop called her and she cooperated and the officer was pleased and even talk to the magistrate to keeping her out of jail before her arraignment. She got charged with 7 felonies and 8 misdemeanors because i guess she used at more than one store. She has letter of recomendation from a college proffesor and shes a fulltime college student. Her court date is next month and shes really worried we are all trying to look for answer for her so she can settle down. She has a lawyer and her appointment is in a couple of days. Alot of people said she wont go to jail she can get a huge fine and comm service. She’s showing ALOT of remorse for what she did. All you honest and helpful answers are appreciated. THANKS!

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