Welfare fraud? Please help!?

I applied to my states medicaid program for my new baby and made a huge mistake. When applying I was under the impression I was only to report current income. So I did. When the lady dealing with my application called me asking for the three months prior my application date as well I sent in the income from the previous three months including my disability pay I had received. She called me today and told me I committed welfare fraud for not reporting the disability pay up front. Because I was under the impression because of the wording of the application that I had to only report current income, I did. Now this woman is calling me a liar and I feel horrible. What can I expect now and do I need a lawyer? Even if I was currently getting disability and reported it I would still be eligible for the health insurance so I certainly wasn’t trying to hide anything. I also told the women that starting today I was going to babysit the neighbors kids a couple times a month on an as needed basis and how she would like me to report that. She flipped on me for not including it in my application. When I applied I did not know I would be doing this, this was spur of the moment thing as of yesterday! Help!!!

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