What are the legal consequences of depositing someone's check?

into my account? It’s a long story, but to make it short – my sister stole my identity and used my name and SSN to charge up thousands in medical bills. The hospital bills started coming to me after the hospitals located me in my home state. It was a big mess to get sorted out and nearly cost me my good credit. I chose not to press charges against my sister although I did tell the hospitals she was the one who commited the fraud. A few weeks later, I inadvertently recieved in the mail a small (0) check addressed to her from a very old car accident. There was no way I was going to send her this lttle surprise after what she’d done to me so I put it in my account. The stupid person who told me how to do that ended up telling someone who told my sister (double betrayal) and now she told that person (she doesn’t have my #), to tell me she is pressing charges. Of course I can press charges against her for her far worse crime! However, does she even have a case here?

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