What are your opinion on Ford and AIG Stocks?


What are your opinion on Ford and AIG stocks?

I realize that everyone thinks the BIG THREE is gonna die!!! But the reality is that they are not!!! Especially FORD! The new president is gonna keep on funneling money into the auto industry and rise tariffs on imports plus the fact of the TOYOTA RECALL!

Ford is actually ranked the 1st by the JD POWER & ASSOCIATES in quality! Their vehicles are more fuel effiencient than honda and Toyora!

Their CEO Alan Mullaly used to work for BOEING and has brough substantial change to FORD! Ford actually made a 1st quarter profit in 2008 and currently has the best fuel efficient vehicle the new 2009 FORD FUSION HYBRID!
I recently bought around 2200 shares of FORD because I know it will be a great long term investment despite the fact that I paid about more at around !

Please don’t critize me for my point of view but I think FORD has a great chance of surviving this recession and can compete with TOYOTA and HONDA in the next 8 to 15 years! and it will be a great long term investment! S&P gives FORD the same ranking as Toyota and Honda!

Please don’t critize if you think FORD WILL FAIL! Just give me your opinion please!!

As for AIG

I think Insurance Companies are very profitable in a long term!!!
They are trading so low because of the "FRAUD"!
Even Warren Buffet bought a ton when it sank to ! Right now it’s trading at about .59! I don’t know why so many investors think AIG won’t do great in the future!
Buffet bought millions of shares of GEICO in the early 70’s when their stock prices sank from to ! Right now! AIG is doing the exact same thing so what is your opinion.

Thanks again!

Thanks again!

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