What can happen if you are caugth for lying on Child support papers and Lied to get gov. assistance?

What can happen if you r found for lying on child support papers n lying about your income to get medical?

So I am going to court in 3 weeks for child support. I received my documents that I submitted and my x-gf submitted. I was going over her documents and noticed she said that she stated that she makes no income; however, has 00 dollars in expenses. Then she goes on and doesn’t list any source of income. To me this is very strange. Also she didn’t mention anything about her house that she owns or her Jaguar that was paid in cash a year ago for 20k. She purchased her house back in 06, and makes a monthly payment of 1800dollars a month. I have the deed to her house that cleary show she is the owner. That is 3300 dollars in monthly outflow, but dosen’t work?

When you sign on the child support papers it clearly states, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the California that the information contained on all pages of this form and any attachments is true and correct.”

I would like to know, if she is going to be charged for perjury, and who will pursue this? Also, I would like to note, this is the same woman that is collecting Medi-Cal and Wick both government assistance. How did she pull that off in the state of California with owning a house and all her assets? Isn’t that fraud? I know she didn’t even mention her house or her Jaguar to them, she lied about that because she told me awhile back.

I have no problem with paying child support, however, when she is abusing our system and then lying on legal documents, to get more money out of me, I’m sorry but a line has to be drawn.

What can happen, who will look into this? Will she go to jail (God Forbid, but this is the same woman that I found out has been working as an escort, I found an email saying how much she charges but dates back to 06, will that suffice as evidence)

I am seeking joint custody, should I just go for full custody, her daughter from her previous marriage is already traumatized because her mom would always drop her off at night, I know I am asking several questions here, but please help me out. . .

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