What can I do about my employer firing me because I found out he was committing insurance fraud?

Last Wednesday when I was going through a patients chart I found an instance of insurance fraud. We had told the patient we sold them something and he had personally only gave the patient part of it. I told him that was not legal that we need to give them a refund of services not given or give them the rest of what the paid for. He said I’m your boss, you have to do what I say and that’s final, if you want to work somewhere else, then find somewhere else. The next day he terminates my employment.

Other than reporting the violations to the insurance companies for these violations, what rights do I have, is there any federal office I can contact regarding wrongful termination. (I know Florida is a right to work state, but I didn’t think you could be fired for informing the employer they are doing something illegal and how it can be fixed legally..)

I just have no idea where/what I need to do.. should I look into finding a lawyer?
On the last day I was there Friday, I found numerous accounts of questionable billing to many different insurances companies.

As for money, he has none, which is why he’s doing what he’s doing imo. It’s a new office and he is still way deep in the red.
As for Job status I was Office Manager, I did everything but payroll and hire/firing of employees.

I scheduled patients, called patients, billed insurances, invoices, collected payments, etc, etc.

The reason I had this chart specifically is because he gave it to me because the patients medical insurance denied a visit that he billed on the basis we are out of network for there plan, only to find out that the patient didn’t even have this visit to begin with!

This is when I noticed he changed with a pen the invoice I made for the patient that showed a quantity of 6, that he changed to a 4 and claimed it was input incorrectly, when the original pricing I did for the patient had x6 (being qty 6).

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