What do you do if a company you are in is committing insurance fraud on a daily basis?

What do you do if a company you are working for is committing insurance fraud on an almost daily basis?

Let’s say you are in a company who makes friends with insurance agents to get jobs, inflates damages by as much as 2 times, and the chairman of the company was once convicted of insurance fraud in the past. What do you do? Where would one go if they lose their job?
JonnyTruant: I don’t think it would matter if one could not be fired from this company, it would most likely fold without the chairman and others involved.
The chairman is already bugging me to add BS and 2x-3x inflated prices to "xactimate 25" after I did just two houses. Here’s only few things that he does and wants me to do: Charge for repairs that never were done, charge 0 to move a regular refrigerator 4 feet (takes 2 mins), and lie about the type of damage that occured so insurance pays for coverage. He has even bragged to me that he takes insurance agents out to fine restaurants and gives them money, showing me huge checks and laughing. He can charge the insurance companies almost whatever he wants since (he explained to me) that he’s friends with insurance adjusters and insiders. He sort of hinted to me that now it’s either I join him and make some extra money on the side or he’ll find someone else.

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