What Do You Think about Egypt OR about The Egyptians in General?

I am about to move to Egypt in 6 months to make post studies their at Cairo University
I live in UAE so i am Arabian as well
I am afraid to go to Egypt nowadays especially after the revolution of the 25th. of the last January
in addition to that as far as I know Egyptians are friendly but in such a way that their main target is to get to your wallet
a lot of them are fraud
the country is full of beggars
everyone there wants to take tips of you for nothing
the traffic is awful
the people behavior is unbearable to foreigners Egypt is full of thieves and thugs (bullies)
they may kill you for piasters!

For people who had the chance to visit Egypt before or even knew someone who did
do you think it is a good idea to get my PHD from Egypt?
Do you think it’s a safe place and the people are friendly? or will I face a lot of troubles there
I can change my destination 2some other not Arabian country of course but still I am Arabian who’ll prefer to treat with and be treated by Arabs (the same language I mean)

serious answers please
feel free to speak you mind

for the Egyptians you r my brothers
I did not mean to offend anybody but respect my worry
it is my future that I want to make clear
I said i am offending any body!
why are you talking so nervously?!!
i do have a doubt only a doubt that you can either stress on or deny and make it clear for a foreigner who did not have the chance before to come or to live in your country
i have some Egyptians friends in UAE but sadly most of them are not good they adore money
there is a proverb in UAE that says (Never secure an Egyptian on money, neither syrian on women)

thanks for making my point clear that’s exactly what i am talking about (bulling)
@occasional heroin shooter
thanks for being honest with me
thanks for having the courage to tell the truth
Best answer my Friend
@occasional heroin shooter
el sara7a ra7a, aghlab el 3alam elly hena hay7awlo ye2alebook w mesh haysebook fe 7alak

be montaha el 2amana aghlab el masreyeen 3alam zebala w watya w yebee3o omohom 3ashan el geneih

I will translate into English what you said
Most of the people in Egypt will try to fraud you and will never let you alone
Frankly Speaking,most of the Egyptians are rubbish
they may sell their own mothers for only one pound!

any way thank you
that was unbiased from real life opinion of a truthful Egyptian whose Eagle did not prevent him from telling the truth

i have changed my mind
i will look for another country to go to

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