What do you think Obama's poll numbers would be like if the Media wasn't willing to lie for him & against Reps?

If the media were just honest. If they had put close to the effort towards finding dirt on Obama as they did Bush or any Republican, if they didn’t give Obama more than 10 times more media exposure than they gave Bush, to put out his spin & BS. If the Democrats didn’t have a media advantage that equates into billions in spending on media that Republicans don’t get, while Republicans get the opposite side with very little honest information about them & constant negative to the level it’s negative propaganda … how would poll numbers sit then?

More importantly though, where would we be as a country if the media just reported & wasn’t so one sided & dishonest? They act in intimidation of our representatives, calling those against the Community Reinvestment act & those who wanted to Regulate Fannie & Freddy Racists? The Leftist Media supported & helped bring to be the deception & coercion of those who would have made the difference & stood up against bad loans on the premise of helping the poor which was made law by the Community reinvestment act, and helped along by Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac who had the cover of Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and other corrupt disgusting Politicians in setting rules that directed the policy of banks & lending companies to make dangerous loans that were the very backbone of banking assets behind business loans. Then when it falls apart what does the Leftist media say? Nothing about Acorn & Obama protesting banks, going into their offices, going to their homes to intimidate executives to allow these bad loans, and to extort "donations" to their corrupt organizations. Who does the Media blame? The blame the ones giving the loans, not the ones making the laws or intimidating the banks & lawmakers. Not the ones making the secondary market rules allowing stated income & bad loans, which is Freddy Mac & Fannie Mae … Which Clinton stocked with democrat insider CEOs like Jamie Gorelick & Franklin Reins, & Mayor Daily of Chicago Mob Politics brother & others who made millions each, Reins over 90 million himself though he committed fraud, in charge of destroying our credit market by destroying their collateral.

I won’t even get into media’s roll in pushing our energy prices through the roof in concert with communist watermelon environmentalists & democrat politicians & activist judges. Those energy prices set off as a detonator to blow the banking bomb which has us where we are now. But what does the media say? They parrot the lying bastards like Obama who say Bush somehow caused this through lack of regulation? lol, when Bush was trying to regulate the problem with Fannie & Freddy that democrats & the media violently opposed AND the fact that it WAS REGULATION which caused the problem, in the form of the Community Reinvestment Act. Should be called the Communist Re-invigoration Act as in it helped them in their goal, which is Obama’s goal (as it is Acorns goal & his parents & Grandparents Goal) to Collapse & Destroy the Economic system so they can impliment transitionary Communism … leading to Oligarchy which is always the goal of those behind Communist movements all throughout history.

What if the Media were honest & just reported facts? Then it would be nearly impossible for Obama & his ilk to do what they have done to our economy. What they are attempting to do to our freedom & way of life.

Important to understand what is behind this. You’ve been told Republicans are the rich & big business supports them, as a general statement that is a lie. Nearly everyone who actually works on Wall Street are Democrats. Almost all CEOs of fortune 500 corps are Democrat & the US elite, billionaires, are nearly all Democrats. Big bankers back the democrats, especially world wide. JFK went against the most powerful of these people. He refused to work for them.

In June of the year he was killed JFK signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.

10 days before he was murdered JFK said:

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.”

He was talking about the World Bankers, owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, that charges us interest on our own money supply. There is more to that plot, Kennedy refused to work with them & it seems pretty likely to put it lightly, that they killed him. Not many have the $ to pull off the wide coverup. To leave so many questions unanswered & have such support & cover for their coverups in the media.

Where would we be, if the media were not nearly completely corrupt? If the media were actually acting in the best interests of the truth & the public who needs to know that truth? I think it’s obvious, a much better place.
bluechristy, you are stunted, you don’t even understand that JFK said that to pick up the economy you had to cut taxes? He was for more freedom, less government interference. He sounds like John Boiner more than Obama & Obama would try to push JFK out of his seat if he were a Senator today because he was opposite of what Obama is all about. Read some history, get some clues, before you make your ignorance so obvious.
honestamerican, you’re a liar or incorrect. Bush didn’t want the community reinvestment act policy & he tried to regulate Freddy & Fannie, but the media put such pressure on some republicans, calling them racist, that many buckled. Bush wasn’t perfect by any means, but save the BS & stick to facts.

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