What Do You Think – TIME's List of Top 10 Risky Tax Return Moves?

1. Intentionally Creating Your Own Losses

A South Carolina man intentionally burned down his home after his wife had an affair and instead of raking in the losses he was arrested for arson and got no money back.

2. Going Without Receipts

One should always keep reciepts, especially for medical or big purchases.

A man in California could not provide the reciepts that the IRS requested of him when he claimed to have donated ,000 to charity and a judge ruled he pay ,000 in taxes plus additional penalties.

3. Failing To File Your Tax Return On Time

One is subject to legal hassle of paying fines and other penalties for failing to file on time.

4. Inflating Your Business Expenses

If you cannot provide receipts your expenses will be denied, and once again, you will be subject to penalities.

5. Refusing to Pay for Political/Religious Reasons

If one tries to get out of their taxes by politics or religon the IRS can file a civil penalty of 20 grand. You may also face prison time.

6. Undeclaring Cash Payments

If the IRS suspects that you have been faulty on your cash payments, they can go over your whole tax record going back further than the statue of limitation mandated 6 years.

You can be subject to criminal prosecution for intentional fraud.

7. Not Making Estimated Payments

If you owe money come tax time you may be required to make quarterly payments. Failure to do so has legal penalties.

8. Claiming Your Mother as a Dependent

Lots of people add relatives as a way to be exempt from federal taxes. If the IRS sees changes in your dependants you will face prosecution for fraud.

9. Pretending You Are Single

Lots of people want to say they are single, especially young mothers who are poor, to get better benefits than what they would get if they had a legal husband.

Intentionally lying about this makes you subject to audits.

10. Not Paying Anything At All

Not filing your taxes is a federal crime for everybody. Even celebrities who failed to file taxes, Wesley Snipes, have gone to prison.

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