What exactly is the Lemon Law? What to do in this situation?

I am from Ohio, and I am not sure if all states have this, but there is the Ohio Lemon Law that protects used car sale fraud. I tried to research it online, but its not making sense to me (I am not car-smart at all).
Anyways, my best friend bought a 2007 Jeep Compass with 120,000 miles last year, and since then, it has been in the shop more than its been out. She bought it for 95 (plus financing fees) and it now has 136,000 miles and is "dead". Basically, the engine needs replaced and so does the dashboard cluster? (not sure what that is).
I am trying to find some relief for her on this awful car experience and seek legal advice if it would be worth the while. There are also other laws that are similar, but like I said, I do not know which ones would apply to her. Please help and give advice on this situation. By the way, the car is now NOT functionable. Thanks for any advice you guys have.

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