What happens after you report someone for insurance fraud?

Someone I know completed an owner give up then decided to steal some money from me, so I sent in a report for insurance fraud, so what happens next?
The report was sent to the insurance company, the car finance company, state insurance regulators, the NICB org & state arson agency because the car was burned.
I know stealing from me is not insurance fraud, it’s the reason he is getting reported…he had his friend drive his car to another state and set it on fire (ARSON) then filed a police report (FALSE REPORT OF A CRIME) after which he filed a claim with his insurance company (False Sworn Statements to an Insurance) I concluded that all his actions regarding this incident included the following crimes…
1. Fraudulent Insurance Act
2. Vehicle Theft Fraud
3. False Auto Theft
4. Arson
5. False Sworn Statements to an Insurance agency of the state of Georgia
6. False Report of a Crime
7. Conspiracy
8. Solicitation of a Criminal Act
9. Grand Larceny

…he stole some $$$ from me and I reported said crimes, so my question is , what happens next?? What will these agencies do ??

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