What is the penalty for food stamp fraud in texas?

I know this lady who had a job then husband left her then she got a 2nd job for 3 months to pay her home because she was loosing it so then she quit the 2nd job .she never reported the 2nd job to food stamp office the after 2 years she received a letter she had to show up in food stamp office then she said the a inspector general for food stamps told her to write a paper that she accepts she did wrong and she is liable to pay back what was giving to her (food stamps and Medicaid for children). So that the inspector general told her she had to go to a judge and she was going to be taken to county court. according to her , her son is disabled(hyperactivity& speech impairment) and her husband has a disability too (anxiety and depression) she is worried to go to jail and nobody will take care of her children. She is not getting disability checks for husb or child so she asked me if she can say that on court? What advise do i give her? she is 4 weeks to give birth.(she is back with husb since 1 yr ago)
also that inspector genaral told her its fraud against state.

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