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What is the statute of limitations on identity theft in Texas?

I had a relative use my info to obtain a credit card in my name and they put themselves on the card as an "authorized user". They have had this account open since March and I just now found out. I got a copy of my credit report from all 3 agencies and seen that nothing else has been going on except for they applied for another credit card that was denied the same day that they were approved for the one they got. They kept the account in good standing (though that is besides the point). I closed the account, changed the contact info and also password protected it. I confronted them about it and they apologized but said they were in a tight and needed a credit card for gas/bills and could not get approved themselves. They agreed to pay back the current balance. Anyway, I am undecided on what to do, I don't want to see them in trouble but I do want them to learn a lesson. What is the statute of limitations on identity theft in Texas incase I do decide to file charges?



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